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Breaking News! The April Image Of The Barry Callister Photography 2021 Bird Calendar

Breaking News! What Is The April Image of The 2021 Bird Calendar?

You've seen the tiny cuteness of January; read about the destructive bird that made the February image, and seen the jaw dropping Kookaburra image in the Barry Callister Photography 2021 Bird Calendar. But what is the April image?

In order to find out, you will have to come back in time with me. All the way back to 2017. So come on, let's go.......

Let's Get The DeLorean Up To 88 mph!

It's July of 2017. North Korea launches it's first intercontinental ballistic missile into the Sea Of Japan. The war in Afghanistan rages on. OJ Simpson is granted parole after spending 9 years in prison, and Donald Trump has been President of the United States for 6 months (who knew?!).

While all this goes on, Barry Callister is blissfully unaware. He is exploring the beautiful natural setting of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia; and photographing Australian birds.

I will stop writing about myself in the 3rd person now, as it's just too weird!

The Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne was a place I visited quite a few times when my family and I lived in Victoria. The collection of Australian native plants attracted many bird species, and also created a really nice background for photos.

One bird I loved to photograph there was the New Holland Honeyeater. They are a small bird, at around 18cm in height. Into that height is packed a lot of energy, and they rarely sit still. This is due to all the sugary nectar they eat from various trees and shrubs.

I spent around half an hour photographing the Honeyeaters going crazy over this Cauliflower Hakea bush. They would flutter over, jump around the bush licking up nectar and then fly off again. It was non-stop.

The April Image Of The Barry Callister Photography 2021 Bird Calendar

This lucky New Holland Honeyeater had finally got the bush all to itself. You can see the pollen all over it's face from all the flowers it had previously visited.

This beautiful feathered creature will stare at you for all of April from the pages of my 2021 Bird Calendar. You can purchase a calendar by clicking right here. It is available in both physical and digital format. Get your order in fast to beat the COVID Christmas rush!

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