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Once Upon A 2021 Wall Calendar - Feast Your Eyes On The Tiny Cuteness Of January

The 2021 wall calendar from Barry Callister Photography is out now. 13 Australian Birds (well, they live in Australia anyway!), that all have their own beauty. However, the January image has to be the cutest. Read Once Upon A 2021 Wall Calendar and feast your eyes on the tiny cuteness of January.

How The 2021 Wall Calendar Took Shape

The decision to release a calendar for 2021 was made quite late. I had been back and forth for a while, should I do one?.......should I not? So when I committed to putting one together, I had to come up with images quite quickly, put the calendar together, and just get it out there.

I dove into my backlog of Australian bird images and began picking out ones I might like to include in the bird calendar. While doing this, I remembered that I had got some great shots of Splendid Fairy Wrens from a trip to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia. I thought some of those might be great to include in the 2021 calendar.

What Kind Of Zoo Has Splendid Fairy Wrens?!

Now of course, Dubbo Zoo is not famous for it's Splendid Fairy Wrens. It is an open range zoo, designed to provide more living and breeding space for large animals such as Elephants and Antelopes.

You can find a wonderful range of species at the Zoo: African Wild Dogs, Black Rhinoceros, Meerkats, Ring-tailed Lemurs, Giraffes, and so many more.

As with any other Zoo, you don't just get human visitors, but the local wildlife will visit too if they can get in; and when you can fly - no one is keeping you out.

Where There Are Humans, There Are Birds

Now I mean this will all due respect, but we humans are dirty creatures. We will drop all kinds of rubbish and food everywhere we go. This kind of stuff becomes great snacks for the birds. There are also a lot of insects around at a Zoo and this attracts birds too.

I remember coming across the female Splendid Fairy Wren who's photo sits above the January page of my bird calendar. I was near the Hippopotamus enclosure. My wife and daughter were listening to a Keeper talking about taking care of the Hippos. I (as always), was standing nearby, looking for birds to photograph.

Feast Your Eyes On The Cuteness Of January

As I was standing there looking down at an enormous Hippopotamus flicking it's poo everywhere without a care in the world, this little beauty landed on a stick nearby.

2021 Bird Calendar Barry Callister Photography - image of a female Splendid Fairy Wren perched on a stick

As she gazed up at me with her head cocked to one side, I snapped this photo. I chose this one as the January photo for the calendar because of how cute it was. I thought it would be a nice, positive way to start the year. And after 2020, we need a positive start to 2021, don't we?

The Splendid Fairy Wren is one of 10 species of Fairy Wren that we have here in Australia. To my knowledge, I don't have a photo of the Male Splendid Fairy Wren, which of course are much more colourful than the females. I found this photo on

Where To Buy My 2021 Wall Calendar

You can purchase my 2021 Bird Calendar from my Shop page here on my website. Click the image below to purchase the physical calendar, or the desktop calendar wallpaper for your PC or Mac.

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