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About Me

I have always loved Photography.  The ability to capture a moment in time and freeze it forever is just amazing.  


I remember doing an assignment in Physics at Secondary College when I was in about Year 10, where I got to borrow the teacher's SLR camera.  I had a great time doing that assignment, especially getting into the darkroom to develop the photos the old-fashioned way!  Dipping the photo paper into those little tubs of chemicals and seeing my images come to life before my eyes was incredible. 


As much as I loved that process then, I don't think that I would now.  Digital Photography gives us so much scope and freedom to change the look of our images, and it is just so fast.  The processing of a photo has now become just as important, if not more important, than the actual taking of the photo, and it is a skill I really enjoy learning.

I used point-and-shoot cameras for the longest time and became frustrated with how I couldn't get the photo I wanted.  I was constantly cursing and wishing I could adjust settings that you just can't adjust on a point-and-shoot.  I got my first DSLR and 3 lenses in July of 2014 and I could finally get the photos I'd always pictured in my mind.  My love of Nature and Photography combined and I haven't looked back.

I started out taking photos of Birds.  I've always thought Birds were amazing and been fascinated by their brilliant colours, countless mannerisms, and ever-amazing ability to fly.   Someone recently pointed out to me that I might be drawn to photograph Birds because of the freedom they possess, that I am perhaps just a little jealous of it.  I think they might be right.

Over the years I have explored other areas of Nature Photography such as Landscapes, Macro, Flowers, Insects, and many others but the Birds are always something I come back to.  

My mission with my photography is to give you a view of the world you may not normally see, and through that to give you a greater love and respect for the natural world around you.  This is the only planet we have.  If we do not take care of and love every other species, and the environment we all share, then we cannot survive.  I hope that my photos help you to see beyond just the beauty of Nature, and to see.....really's value.

If you are a photographer yourself, please visit my other site Photographer's Freedom.  It is set up to take you from beginner, to better, to business.  On that site and on my Youtube channel, I do photography tutorials, photography gear reviews, and give you advice on creating a photography business taking the photos you love.  Join my Photographers Freed community on Facebook too.

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