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Flying Foxes at Woolgoolga Lake

This colony of Flying Foxes has made the bush beside Woolgoolga Lake their home.  They will hang out here all day sleeping and then head out at dusk to find food.  The skies in Woolgoolga are littered with them at night as they make their way to a food source.

Echidna In My Yard

This is Eddie the Echidna.  When we lived in Gembrook in Victoria, Australia, Eddie kind of lived with us.  He would show up in various places on our 2 acre block.  I took many photos of Eddie, and also this video.  

I got so close to him once, he came up and sniffed my knee and bumped it with his nose.

See photos of this amazing Australian native animal, and other cute Australian animals on my Australian Animals images page.

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