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The Short Story Behind The Cover Image Of The Barry Callister Photography 2021 Bird Calendar

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

The Barry Callister Photography 2021 Bird Calendar is out now. Over the coming weeks, I am going to tell you the story behind each image that appears in the calendar. There are 13 images in total, chosen from my huge backlog of images of Australian Birds. This is the story behind the cover image of the Barry Callister Photography 2021 Bird Calendar.

The Flame At Craig's Hut

The image I chose for the cover is a beautiful Flame Robin.

These birds are native to Australia and live in forests and woodlands up to 1800 meters above sea level. I photographed this little guy at Craig's Hut, which is 1450 meters above sea level, on Mount Sterling in the Victorian High Country of Australia.

The log cabin was built for the iconic Australian movie The Man From Snowy River back in 1981. It burnt to the ground in a bush fire during 2006 but was rebuilt and reopened to the public in 2008.

My family and I have holidayed in the High Country a couple of times now. This was our first trip there, back in March of 2016.

Walking To Craig's Hut

The 1.6km track up to Craig's Hut is a beautiful walk through dry bush land, speckled with wildflowers, insects and the odd reptile.

At the top, the track opens out to a huge cleared area with boulders scattered about and the rustic Craig's Hut rising from the scrub at the other side. I soon noticed that there were a lot of Flame Robins flying about.

Taking The Cover Image Of The 2021 Bird Calendar

I had never seen a Flame Robin before, so I didn't know exactly what I was photographing at the time. I'm always excited to photograph a new species, and when I have so many of them around me, it gets me even more excited.

The birds were landing on the grass, the boulders, and the bushes scattered around the place. However, it was the old wooden fence that surrounds the hut that made for the best images. As these birds were used to humans being around, I could get fairly close to them as well.

I chose this image for the cover of the wall calendar (with the help of my wife), because it is a striking image and it had space for the title.

Purchase Your Copy Of My 2021 Bird Calendar

To purchase your own copy of the 2021 Barry Callister Photography Bird Calendar, head over to my store page here.

There you can buy the wall calendar, as well as a digital version. The computer desktop wallpaper calendar has the same images as the physical calendar, but is designed to be used as desktop wallpaper to remind you of the date. It is not editable.

I will be writing more blog posts about the other images in the calendar over the coming weeks, so look out for those. If you don't want to miss any of those blog posts, please subscribe to my mailing list. I email out each blog post when it goes online, so you'll get it right there in your inbox.

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Thank you for reading this post today. Take care of yourself and our beautiful wildlife.

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