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Photo Of The Month at Photographer's Freedom

It's the 31st of May 2020, and I almost didn't make it with the the Photo Of The Month for May. This has been a month filled with photography for me and I've enjoyed it a lot. As lockdown eases here in New South Wales, Australia, it's looking like June will be a great month for photos too!

The Story Of The Photo Of The Month May 2020

Tai Chi And Woolgoolga Lake

For some time now, I have been enjoying the benefits of Tai Chi. Due to Covid-19 social distancing rules, we have not been able to have classes in the local hall as we usually do. Recently the rules lifted a little and groups of 10 people were again allowed to gather in public places. Tai Chi class began again at Woolgoolga Lake.

Woolgoolga is a small town close to where I live on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales in Australia. It is a beautiful place with wide, sandy beaches; a rocky headland popular for whale watching; amazing Sikh Temples; and the lake, which is popular with all sorts of wildlife.

Usually when Tai Chi class has been at the lake, I am quite distracted. As a bird photographer, I am constantly watching out for small things that fly. In addition, there is a family of Osprey that live on the shores of the lake and they are normally active at the time Tai Chi takes place.

I spend most of the class with my gaze fixed on the lake, cursing that I am not able to be over by the shore. I've been disappointed multiple times, watching Osprey catch fish while I ease through my Shibashi One movements.

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